I Dont Know About You But Im Feelin’ 22!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME!!!! So today I turned 22 which is kind of old to be at uni in the UK cause its meant to only last 3 years so I’m older than most people :( My other house mate from Texas and I plan on going out tonight and maybe try and make some more new British friends :) Tomorrow we dont have classes so were going to go grocery shopping and pick up some more  supplies for the week. I got a package form my mom this morning when I was getting ready for class just in time for my birthday!!!! And its sunny again today which just makes everything better, hopefully it doesnt rain tonight though. I went to the mall and bought a new dress for my birthday tonight and I finally got my student ID card so I feel like an official student :) Thanks for all the birthday wishes from my friends and family!!!



My new dress for my birthday tonight with tights of course cause if you havent heard its kinda chilly here sometimes ;)

Til next time :)

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9 thoughts on “I Dont Know About You But Im Feelin’ 22!

  1. Can’t believe you’re celebrating your birthday without me. I hope you have a fantastic time and I’m keeping track. Be safe. Get your mase. The accents may be cute but… you never know. Happy Birthday! We love and miss you!
    Britt and Peyton

  2. HAPPY 22nd!!!!! You have a shopping habit, its a problem that you need to get under control before you have children of your own and dont forget all that stuff has to come back w/you in one suitcase! …..and hello short dress, glad to know you will be wearing tights, regardless I’m sure you will look beautiful in it! Have a great time tonight, behave and get back to your flat safely!
    Thanks for 2 posts in 2 days…cause not sure if you know, but I love reading them.
    hugs and kisses!
    PS, when you say your shopping for “supplies”, it sounds like your camping or something, cracks me up!

  3. Hey Kayla, Happy 22nd to you!!! (from your other mother). So happy you are getting this experience, enjoy everyday!! Have a fun and safe night out celebrating. I really enjoy your blog and the pics you post so we can see some of what you are seeing. I too am happy your mom was able to read 2 posts, 2 days in a row. I know Sam is missing you at SFA, she started back today. Take care, love you and be safe!!
    Shay Shay

  4. Happy birthday angel, hope you have GREAT TIME,. I couldn;t believe a new post, two in two days,,,thanks we love keeping up with you. Did your money get to your account? Hope so.

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