Dogs Without People!

So the weather has been pretty rainy and windy the last couple of days… I cant say im particularly fond of it. But when the weather was better my other housemate from Texas, Taylor Ann, and I went to the Central Park which is very close to our house actually. The view from the top of the hill was great! We could see most of our neighborhood and alot of the city. While in the park we noticed that you do not have to have your dog on a leash in this country apparently! There were dogs running around everywhere! We have also found our new favorite food, they are called pasties and they look like empanadas but they are filled with stuff like cheese, potatoes, vegetables, chicken, or pretty much whatever you want. Last night we played Uno with my other housemate Luke who had never played before and then we all went out. We meet some British friends that loved the fact that we were from Texas and we plan on going to a super bowl party at their place next weekend :) I joined the volleyball club on Wednesday and I have practice tomorrow so well see how that goes. Taylor Ann and I are planning a trip to Paris in about 3 weeks and I am so excited!!!! Ill post more about it when we figure out all the details :) 



Creepy cemetery we found on the way to Central Park… we were a little lost actually haha



View from the top of Central Park!!!

Til next time :)


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2 thoughts on “Dogs Without People!

  1. Gosh finally!!!!! I thought you forgot about your blog :(
    Don’t let 2 weeks go by before the next one please!!
    The cemetery is really cool looking! Go back and find the oldest one and take a picture!
    I’m excited for your Paris trip! Brush up on your French, we paid good money for you to learn it!
    Hugs & kisses!

  2. I swear I thought you’d been kidnaped, ,no facebook or blog for almost two weeks!! I hope that means your having a wonderful time. I’m glad about the volleyball team, sounds fun and you’ll have a chance to meet more people. They have a pro soccer team in your town, it would be fun to go to a real English football game.. The city and neighborhood look nice. Have a great time in Paris and then think about Irleand for St Patricks Day..Love you angel, MiMi & Pa

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