Its Only 38… You Dont Need a Jacket

So things have started to become routine around here and I feel like a normal uni student. Going to class, getting coffee, shopping, going out on the weekends and occasionally seeing a movie or walking down to the Barbican (area on the coast). It still, of course, feels a little different because I’m doing all of this in a forgien country. And after a month here I can finally say I’m getting used to the cold! Taylor Ann and I went out the other night and I checked the weather, and seeing it was in the high 30s low 40s, I decided I didn’t need a jacket! Something that I definitely would not do if I were in Texas. I have also managed to finally become familiar with the money; I don’t even have to look at the amounts on the coins to know their worth. A small feat I know, but it feels like a big accomplishment to not as obviously stand out as “the American”.

I joined the volleyball club and its been fun going to practices, playing a sport I really like and meeting new people. People from all over I might add; Ive meet people from Russia, Norway, Bulgaria, the Caribbean and of course some British people. Were supposed to have a few games coming up so I’m excited to see how actual games are different here.

I am really excited about next week though cause Taylor Ann and I are leaving for Paris next Thursday to stay for a whole week :) (We get a week break from classes called reading week, I don’t know its purpose but I’m not complainging). We will be staying with a family friend of hers so im even happier to be saving some money and to have someone to consult about what sights we should go see. Unfortunately we will be there on Valentines Day…. were both praying that even though its the “City of Love” it wont be too annoyingly romantic haha. Guess this steams from the fact that almost 98% of this city is paired off and holding hands everywhere they go, its slightly obnoxious for someone as eternally single as me!! However I couldn’t be more excited about the Louvre, Versailles and of course the Eiffel Tower :) there will be an annoy amount of pictures posted from that trip I can assure you.

But I have an assignment due tomorrow so the last few days have been spent in the library, which I am actually starting to like as a place to study and work on assignments. I even checked out some books yesterday!!! Here I am using the self checkout at the library haha


Til next time :)

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3 thoughts on “Its Only 38… You Dont Need a Jacket

  1. Be sure to send pictures of Paris with YOU in them. Looking forward and jealous as heck! I got Ian signed up to read your blog also. He’s thinking about not working at the pool next summer. Wants to work for the vet to help towards hours at ATM.

  2. I miss you! Glad to finally see YOU in a picture, even though it looks like your in a promotional photoshoot for the libraries “check out” equipment. Paris will be so much fun even for singles girls on Valentines Day, you better soak it all in, I’ve heard these historical landmarks come out of your mouth a thousand times, sooo excited you finally get to see them in person esp the Louvre–can you even wrap your head around the fact that you are going to see the Mona Lisa IN PERSON!!!! Pretty cool stuff :)
    I love you, thanks for the blog!

  3. So proud for you. A week in Paris is a dream come true. You know were going to have to see Paris through your eyes, so plenty of pictures with you and Taylor Ann in them please.. I’m glad you are enjoying all aspects of school. Are you saying no men in Plymouth??What the heck! i thought the Royal Navy was stationed close by .I have a premonition that something wonderful is around the corner [like that hasn’t happened] Love and kisses angel, Meme & Papa

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