Paris! – Part 1

So I am finally back to reality after a wonderful week in Paris. I have so many pictures and I spent so many days exploring the city so I’m going to post about my trip in a few parts over the next couple of days. First off I had a holiday last week called reading week so I didn’t have class and that is why my housemate, Taylor Ann, and I decided to spend the week in Paris. Taylor Ann has a family friend that lives about 15 minutes outside of Paris so we were extremely lucky to have a free place to stay which was great. We began our trip by taking a train to London from Plymouth and from there we took the Eurostar, another train but faster, to Paris. A part of our journey on this train was spent under the English Channel! When we arrived in Paris we had to navigate the Metro system (like the subway in New York) to get to the stop closest to the house we were staying at so we could get picked up by car. The family we stayed with were so extremely nice and accommodating, we stayed in their guest room and Tessa, Taylor Ann’s family friend even cooked extra dinner for us almost every night!

The whole time we were in Paris we used the Metro to get around and I have to say I have really come to love public transportation :) The first day out in the city we went to a cemetery called Pere Lachaise where famous people such as Oscar Wilde, Chopin, Edith Piaf (famous french singer) and Jim Morrison of the Doors are buried. There are also some amazing statues in honor of those who died in concentration camps in WWII.


The whole cemetery is huge and we got lost several times looking for the graves we wanted to find but it was a really cool experience. Next we went to the Luxembourg gardens and palace where the French Senate currently meets. It seemed like a common place for the people of the city to hang out or go for a run. The gardens were beautiful and im sure they are even more gorgeous in the spring time when everything is in bloom.




After the Luxembourg Gardens we stumbled upon the Pantheon, which now functions as a burial place for many distinguished French citizens such as Voltaire.



And from there you could see just the top of the Eiffel Tower! Next we went to the second largest cathedral in the city, second of course to Notre Dame. It is called Saint-Sulpice and the two towers of the cathedral are different because of arguments over design. The fountain in front of the cathedral is one of the few in Paris that was actually running when we were there. Image

So thats all for this post, sorry it was so long and that was only day 1 in Paris!!! Tomorrow ill be posting about Versailles, the incredible french palace!

Til next time :)

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2 thoughts on “Paris! – Part 1

  1. AMAZING! The pictures are beautiful. I can’t believe this was all in one day, I would be on overload, I also can’t believe you can distinguish all the different architecture and their history! I miss you, so glad you’re back in Plymouth safe and sound.
    I’ll be waiting for Paris Day 2 :)
    Love you, Mom

  2. Love your pictures Kayla…Paris was absolutely one of my most favorite places…I loved all of the old architecture and just the great feelng of wandering the streets….cannot wait to see more!!!

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